Raising Readers & Team Players

If you’re the parents of young children or adolescents, we trust you’ll find Ready, Set, Grow® (Raising Healthy Kids) and readysetgrowmag.com valuable resources for helping to instill healthy habits in your kids, so they can make good choices and lead productive lives.

The sports enthusiasts in your family should be having the time of their lives at their games and practice sessions. Participating in sports promotes physical fitness, friendships and self-confidence. Whether kids are playing on the field or cheering from the sidelines, it benefits them if adult interaction with coaches, participants and other parents remains positive, helping to foster a joyful team spirit (“Keep Sports Fun”).

Some sports, games and other physical activities carry an increased risk for concussion. Learn about symptoms, treatment and when it’s safe to return to play (“Concussion? More Than a Bump on the Head”).

After a day filled with work, school and extracurricular activities, you and your kids may not have time for a family meal — all the more reason to begin each day with healthy nutrition. Try hearty oatmeal, granola with yogurt or baked egg-and-veggie options, which are easy to prepare beforehand (“Breakfast Is Served!”). Eating breakfast can increase energy and enhance concentration and academic performance.

So can having access to amazing ideas, inspiration and adventures through reading. Share your favorite stories with your children from the start, keep a collection of entertaining, interesting books in your home, and take advantage of book clubs and events at the library (“Bonding Over Books”).

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Elaine Marotta
VP Publishing Operations