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Family Well-Being

Whether you’re the parents of young children or adolescents, we trust you’ll find Ready, Set, Grow ® (Raising Healthy Kids) and readysetgrowmag.com valuable resources for helping to instill healthy habits in your kids, so they can make good lifestyle choices.

Participating in sports benefits kids in many ways, including boosting confidence and assisting with skill development — while promoting teamwork, friendships and physical fitness. Encouraging your sports enthusiast to take part in a variety of sports in lieu of focusing (perhaps, excessively) on one activity may prevent burnout and overuse injuries (“Mix It Up!”).

As you encourage a healthy lifestyle, you may wonder how to ensure that everyone in your household is opting for better foods. Learn about a variety of healthy-eating plans enjoyed by parents and kids alike (“Family-Friendly Diets”). And why not get your little chefs excited about healthful nutrition by including them in meal prep — from planning and shopping to age-appropriate “cooking” (“Kids in the Kitchen!”)?

In addition to keeping your family fueled and active, safety is paramount. Your kids should know that they can come to you with any concerns, but they also need to feel empowered to defend themselves and others against harmful behavior that occurs in person or online (“Stand Up & Speak Up!”).

Find out the latest news on how to protect your community as well as your loved ones when it comes to vaccine-preventable diseases (“Get the Facts”).

Also essential to family well-being is mental health. Mood disorders such as depression impact your child’s reasoning, emotions and daily interactions, sometimes severely (“Depression, Defined”). Learn about symptoms of depressions (distinguished from “normal” anxiety), along with how to seek assistance, treatment and support.

There’s much more in this edition, so be sure to enjoy the entire magazine. And visit readysetgrowmag.com anytime, from your preferred device. You’ll find lots of stories on raising healthy children, along with a digital version of each Ready, Set, Grow issue. Looking forward to your feedback: em@cwpg.com.

Elaine Marotta
VP Publishing Operations


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