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Family Time

Whether you’re the parents of young children or adolescents, we trust you’ll find Ready, Set, Grow® (Raising Healthy Kids) and readysetgrowmag.com valuable resources for helping to instill healthy habits in your kids, so they can make good choices and lead productive lives.

Physical activity has innumerable benefits, but fitting exercise into each day can be a challenge. Why not plan to keep fit as a family, enjoying yourselves in the process? Get everyone moving with age-appropriate games and activities. Ride a bike, go for a swim, take a brisk walk, hike a scenic path (“On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!”).

Safety is paramount: Whether you’re seaside, on the slopes or navigating spectacular trails, take the proper measures for your family’s health and well-being and embrace confidently all that the wonderful outdoors has to offer (“Chasing the Sun”).

Gardening connects your kids with nature and the open air, while adding movement to their day. Growing herbs such as mint, rosemary and oregano is simple and fun. Flavor family meals with these savory plants — along with seasonings — in lieu of reaching for salt and unhealthy fats (“Spice It Up”).

Whether at home, school, work or out and about, nibbling a delectable treat occasionally when you’re not actually hungry is not unusual, but if you find such indulging becoming a pattern for you or your child, it may be time to investigate what’s behind the behavior and seek a healthier alternative to what could be emotional eating (“Feel Better With Food?”).

The bullied child can’t get a break. Bullying occurs in the school building, schoolyard, on the bus and via digital devices even after the bell rings, leaving little escape from the cruelty (“Leave Me Alone!”). Read about bullies, enablers, the bullied, and how modeling good behavior can have a positive impact.

There’s much more in this edition of Ready, Set, Grow so be sure to enjoy the entire magazine. Also visit readysetgrowmag.com anytime, anywhere, from your preferred device. You’ll find lots of stories on raising healthy children, along with a digital version of each Ready, Set, Grow magazine. Looking forward to your feedback: em@cwpg.com.

Elaine Marotta
VP Publishing Operations


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