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We get it! Kids aren’t perfect and that is a-okay. Temper tantrums, picky eaters, food battles…these are the last things that any parent wants to be dealing with after a busy day. Life is a whole lot easier when kids actually want to come to the table to eat.

And while parents would prefer to feed their kids plenty of fresh vegetables and fresh protein, sometimes it just isn’t possible or isn’t worth it if it means a food battle.

This is why parents often rely on Yummy Dino Buddies to help get them and their kids through the day. Parents feel good knowing Dino Buddies is a convenient, high quality, healthy option.

Yummy Dino Buddies is a kids line of fully cooked, chicken breast nuggets that can be found in most grocery and club stores. The products, with fun shapes and great taste, are kid-approved…and seconded by busy parents who love that nutritional benefits are baked into every bite. They are made with boneless, skinless white chicken breast meat and are packed with protein and Omega-3. And since they will go from the freezer to the dinner table in minutes, Dino Buddies make mealtimes less stressful — and a lot more fun.

Tips for Picky Eaters

Get Creative

Make food more appealing by creating a fun presentation that your kids will love. Cauliflower makes great clouds. Broccoli and green pepper turn into fun trees. Mashed potatoes can become a really cool volcano with gravy as the lava. The ideas are limitless.

Let Them Play

Give your child permission to play with their food. Making mealtime a positive experience will lead to greater acceptance of trying new foods.

Get Your Kids Involved

Have your kids help put their meal together in cute little plastic divided containers. To help balance out the meal, let them choose a vegetable and fruit of their choice. If they get to choose, the more likely they will eat it.

Expose New Foods

It’s important to keep introducing new foods into your child’s diet. Start with a plate of a few things they love and introduce one new food for them to try. Repeated exposure to new foods often is the best way to get your kids to accept it.

Food should be Fun. Food should be Nutritious. Food should be Delicious.



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